About us

Welcome to hpusscooters.com, a special manufacturer and dealer of sport vehicles for adults and kids. SAY YEAH is our brand. If you’re looking for quality vehicles that help make life easier, you have come to the right place.

About hpusscooters.com

Established on 2017, but our factory have 5 years experiences as manufacturer. We are focus on all world market and developing new model all time. Customer feedback is the best support for us to do perfect goods. As a seller, we aim for total quality deliver. As a manufacturer, we look towards providing you with a product that can give you extreme satisfaction.


SAY YEAH means satisfied for products and service etc. It’s also aim as manufacturer to offer goods. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind customer choose SAY YEAH. You can be assured that our products are perfect for everyday use, handy, high-quality, efficient, effective, fun, and always-on-the-go.

To help you experience more of our wonderful offers, we have sales and return incentives for you. May your shopping experience with us be a good one. We hope to hear satisfied reviews from you. Thank you and looking forward to you enjoying our great products from SAY YEAH.